Tilt High-Low Seating

The hi-lo seating base chairs with the tilting functionality have been a great boon in the world of adaptive devices. It has brought a revolution in seating and positioning and is ideal for home and classroom environments to improve posture and quality of life. The hi-lo seating and its superior adjustable functions allow the child to interact with the surroundings and create a quality experience. The purpose is to help in feeding, speech therapy, and active learning and to lower the impact of sensory processing issues on the child. The tilt feature enables the user to sit to stand and incorporate resting positions. It gets prescribed by the OT/PT with correct sizing and accessories per the child's requirement.
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Rifton Activity Chair With Hi-Lo Base (Medium)

  • It is ideal for user height range of 40" - 56"
  • Perfect for feeding, speech therapy and active learning
  • Activity chair, medium has maximum working load of 150 lbs.
  • Hi-lo activity chair, medium base is height adjustable via a foot pump
Earn 4535 Points ($45.40)

Rifton Activity Chair With Hi-Lo Base (Small)

  • Hi/Lo chair tilts 15° forward and 25° back
  • Activity chair can be easily adjusted without any tools
  • Small activity chair is ideal for user height 28" - 48" with a weight capacity up to 75 lbs.
Earn 3965 Points ($39.60)

Rifton Activity Chair With Hi-Lo Base (Large)

  • Large size activity chair accommodates 50" - 74" user height
  • Hi-lo activity chair provides easy transfers, optimal positioning and instant access to any activity
  • Tilt-in-space feature allows for easy transitions between forward leaning and unimpeded interaction
Earn 4935 Points ($49.40)

Special Tomato Hi-Low MPS Adaptive Seating System - Large

  • Pedal activated adjustments for Tilt-in-Space & Hi-Low functions
  • Tilt-in-Space (with child in the seat) from -30 degrees to 10 degrees
  • Hi-low MPS seat provides height adjustable seating with built-in growth
  • Hip-flex feature on MPS seating system allows a 30° range of pelvic tilt
Earn 3699 Points ($37.00)

Special Tomato MPS Hi-Low Seating System - Small

  • MPS hi-lo seating system can be lowered to the floor
  • MPS hi-lo seat, small has maximum weight capacity of 80 lbs.
  • A versatile seating system can be used in a classroom or at home
  • Hi-Low MPS Seat is uniquely designed with contoured cushions, made from a latex free material
Earn 2882 Points ($28.80)

Leckey Mygo seating system

  • Designed for children 3 to 14 years old
  • Mygo hi-low base gives easy height adjustability for everyday use
  • Allows therapists to optimize the postural care of children with moderate to complex special needs
  • Split seat base accommodates windsweeping - delivers 13° abduction and 10° of adduction movement on either side
Earn 1741 Points ($17.40)

Jenx Atom Modular Seating System

  • Suitable for children from approximately 6 months to 5 years
  • The flexible Y-base of atom tilts 30° posterior and 10° anterior
  • It is an ideal seating system to develop correct seating posture and function
  • All support structures are adjusted, added or removed easily as the child grow and develop
Earn 5891 Points ($58.90)

Jenx Bee Pediatric Seating System

  • Hi-lo base offers tilt-in-space
  • Polyurethane support surfaces with antimicrobial agent
  • Modular seating system for children from 4 months to 5 years
  • Bee seating system provides versatility via height adjustable base
Earn 1866 Points ($18.70)

Leckey Squiggles seating system

  • Squiggles seating system grows with your child
  • The tilt-in-space offers relaxation and a change of pressure control
  • Height adjustment is easy via a gas compression foot pedal for eye-to-eye interactions
  • Use as a school chair, home chair or as a seating system to meet postural and comfort requirements
Earn 1786 Points ($17.90)

Leckey Everyday Activity Seat

  • Designed for children, teens and young adults 1 - 18 years old
  • Two chassis options: Hydraulic and powered has wide range of height adjustments
  • Hi-Lo chassis design makes activities like playing, reading, dining with friends easier
  • Perfect therapy chair for everyday use enables the user to move their arms freely and independently
Earn 2204 Points ($22.00)

R82 wombat living activity chair with gas spring

  • Cool activity chair for toddlers and teenagers
  • Reclining back and prone angle is a standard feature of wombat
  • Height adjustable frame and anterior tilt function ease standing transfer into the chair
  • Three sizes are offered, and they can be customized to fit the needs of any person, regardless of their size or shape
Earn 2703 Points ($27.00)

Ormesa Grillo adaptive seating system

  • Maintain the best posture at all times
  • Three sizes to accommodate user height from 29.5" to 57"
  • Can be easily transported and used to take part in activities at home and in the classroom
  • Gas-spring height adjustment gives access to table tops and work surfaces with ease and comfort
Earn 4160 Points ($41.60)
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