Shower/Tub Slider Systems

Bath Transfer Systems consists of two parts- rolling chair and the stationary tub unit. They are uniquely designed to maximize safety during bathing and makes bathing comfortable for both the user and caregiver. This system is attached to the adjustable tub rails and the seat rolls into the tub for bathing or showering.
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Nuprodx multiCHAIR 5300-XX Tub Transfer Bench System

Earn 1496 Points ($15.00)

Nuprodx multiCHAIR 6000 Tub Access Slider

Nuprodx multichair 6000 Tub Transfer Bench System is a handy and safe approach to get in and out of the tub.
Earn 3521 Points ($35.20)

Nuprodx multiCHAIR 6000RS Shower Transfer System

Earn 3521 Points ($35.20)

Nuprodx multiCHAIR 6200 Tub Transfer Bench

Earn 3671 Points ($36.70)

Nuprodx multiCHAIR 6200Tilt Tub Transfer Bench with Tilt-in-space

Nuprodx multichair 6200Tilt Tub Transfer Bench has adjustable headrest with 400lbs. weight capacity.
Earn 4421 Points ($44.20)

Nuprodx multiCHAIR 6000Tilt Tub Transfer Bench with Tilt-in-space

MultiCHAIR 6000Tilt Pediatric is a full unit that includes a commode chair, tub access slider system, and in-home mobility chair. The chair is equipped with the smoothest rolling transfer system.
Earn 4196 Points ($42.00)

ShowerBuddy SB2T TubBuddy Over Bath Transfer System with Tilt

TubBuddy with Tilt SB2T transfer system will convert your existing bath tub into an accessible bathroom without stress of a full bathroom remodel.

Earn 3481 Points ($34.80)

ShowerBuddy SB1 Shower Transfer System

ShowerBuddy’s SB1 transfer chair allows mobility-impaired users to be easily transferred into a step-in shower or over a toilet.

Earn 2886 Points ($28.90)

ShowerBuddy SB2 TubBuddy Over Bath Transfer System

ShowerBuddy Tubbuddy SB2 over bath transfer system reduces heavy lifting and multiple transfers between showering and bathing. ShowerBuddy SB2 is a wheelchair-like transfer system that allows patients to easily transfer and roll over toilets.

Earn 3141 Points ($31.40)

Inspired by Drive Versa Shower Commode & Bath Transfer System

Versa shower commode transfer system is a multi-functional and lightweight transfer system. Made of high-grade aluminium, stainless steel, and padded polyurethane.

Platinum Health HydroGlyde Sliding Bath Transfer Bench with Cutout

Earn 189 Points ($1.90)

Platinum Health Gateway Sliding Bath Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat

Earn 224 Points ($2.20)
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