Power Patient Lifts

Power Patient Lifts assists with the transfer and movement of patients who have limited mobility or are unable to move on their own. They are used in a variety of settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and private homes. Power patient lifts typically consist of a frame, a lifting mechanism, and a sling to provide stability and support to the patient during transfer. Medicaleshop offers a wide range of Power Patient lifts from the most trusted brands available across United States that includes Protekt Full Body Power Patient Lifts , Molift Portable patient lifts , Span America car transfer patient lifts , Electric folding lifts , Drive Medical patient lifts with 6 point cradle , Floor lifts , Invacare Reliant with Manual Low base and Power opening low base , Arjo power patient lift with manual DPS and many more. Request a Quote Today.

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Span America F500P Full Body Power Patient Lift

  • Can be used to lift patient from floor
  • Overload protection with visual/audible alert
  • Manual emergency lowering for added safety
  • Easy base width adjustment with locked position
Earn 1541 Points ($15.40)

Span America F400 Foldable/Portable Patient Lift

  • Foot pedal base width adjustment
  • Underbed clearance allows use with most low beds
  • Folds flat simply and quickly for transport and storage
  • 2-point spreader bar accommodates a variety of sling options
Earn 1507 Points ($15.10)

Span America F350CT Car Transfer Patient Lift

  • Simple, fast assembly using tools provided
  • Allows more dynamic positioning, adjustment
  • Portable and foldable for easy transport and storage
  • Simple transfers between car and chair, chair and bed, and from floor to chair
Earn 1459 Points ($14.60)

Molift 150 Smart Portable Patient Lift

  • Smart 150 is light, foldable and transportable without tools
  • Small footprint makes it easy to maneouver in narrow spaces
  • Standard 4-point sling bar ensures a comfortable and spacious hoisting position for the user
  • Smart has a large hoisting span that allows hoisting from the floor as well as high surfaces
Earn 3527 Points ($35.30)

Molift Mover 180 Mobile patient lift

  • Equipped with the unique service notification system
  • Mover 180 has also the option of 2 – or 4-point suspension
  • A lightweight alloy construction that makes the lifter very easy to maneuver
  • The large lifting interval allows lifting from high surfaces and from the floor
Earn 2681 Points ($26.80)

Rifton Tram Transfer And Mobility Device

  • TRAM include four color-coded clips
  • For clients who need help getting up or support while walking
  • The device is designed to deliver three powerful functions in one compact unit
  • TRAM scale connects with a phone or tablet via Bluetooth to display scale data on Rifton’s Gait Tracker app
Earn 5834 Points ($58.30)

Arjo Maxi 500 power patient lift with 2-point hanger bar

  • Low friction castors, the rear two with brakes
  • Maxi 500 is available without or with scale option
  • Power base, operated via the handheld control unit
  • Caregiver can raise a person who has fallen to the floor without needing to sit the resident up first
Earn 6095 Points ($61.00)

Arjo Maxi 500 power patient lift with Manual Dynamic Positioning System (DPS)

  • Low friction castors, the rear two with brakes
  • Maxi 500 is available with or without a scale
  • Powerbase operated via the handheld control unit
  • A single caregiver can perform a wide range of everyday client transfer tasks safely
Earn 5436 Points ($54.40)

Arjo Maxi Twin power patient lift

  • The twin-mast design distributes the weight evenly
  • The open mast design allows for additional legroom for the patient
  • (PDPS) helps in repositioning the patient in the sling, minimizing manual handling
  • The friction solution reduces swinging of the spreader bar during patient transfers
Earn 7301 Points ($73.00)

Hoyer HPL402 Classic Deluxe Power Patient Lift

  • 400 lbs. patient capacity
  • Lift leg guards and caster bumpers
  • Manual release for emergency lowering
  • Reverse-mounted actuator for additional knee clearance
Earn 1598 Points ($16.00)

Hoyer professional advance electric lift

  • No-tools folding design allows for compact storage
  • The triangular fold design ensures that the lift stands unaided
  • It has a swan neck leg design allows list to get closer to the resident
  • The push footpad has been designed to reduce the force needed to initiate movement
Earn 2518 Points ($25.20)

Hoyer HPL450 series mobile patient lift

  • Available in electric and hydraulic versions
  • Provides additional value with optional electric leg
  • A flexible mobile patient lift that is the perfect crossover product
  • designed with upscale features, high lifting capacity, and lightweight design
Earn 1894 Points ($18.90)
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