Jay Wheelchair Cushions

Jay Wheelchair Cushions with outstanding stability, skin protection capabilities and contoured base option allow wheelchair users to sit for longer periods eliminating discomforts. Medicaleshop carries a variety of cushions per individual’s needs. Order now and avail special discount!
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Jay GS Wheelchair Cushion

  • Ideal for growing children and young adults
  • A large well cutout allows user to sit at the front of the cushion to start
  • Fluid insert ensures proper fluid placement beneath bony prominences to help protect the skin from breakdown
  • Foam base is topped with loop-side Velcro that allows positioning components to be moved and rearranged as the client grows
Earn 426 Points ($4.30)

Jay J2 Recline Wheelchair Cushion

  • Designed for tilt or reclining wheelchairs
  • Prevents bottoming out against the cushion's front wall
  • Reduces the movement of fluid to the rear of the fluid pad
  • Ideal for person at extremely high risk of skin breakdown and seeks unparalleled comfort & stability
Earn 317 Points ($3.20)

Jay J2 Deep Contour Cushion

  • Pre-contoured foam cushion features a 3" deep pelvic loading area
  • Jay flow fluid tripad placed beneath bony prominences help protect skin from breakdown
  • Provide exceptional lateral and forward stability for individuals with changing needs or unique postures
Earn 313 Points ($3.10)

Jay J2 Deep Contour Cushion With Solid Drop Seat

  • Pre-contoured foam cushion with a 3" deep pelvic loading area
  • Excellent lateral and forward stability for people with varying needs or atypical postures
  • Comes with a sturdy seat that enables you to use your cushion's firm foundation for better positioning
  • Available with the choice of 3 cover options: Stretch, AirExchange or Moisture/incontinence-resistant to meet individual needs
Earn 345 Points ($3.50)

Jay J2 Plus Bariatric Wheelchair Cushion

  • Visco memory foam can be used to create customized solutions
  • Gentle anterior slope opens the hip angle to create a more upright posture
  • Pre-contoured foam bariatric cushion features Jay flow fluid tripad for skin protection
  • Mild leg trough cutouts and medial thigh supports encourage proper positioning of the pelvis and thighs for heavy weight users
Earn 390 Points ($3.90)

Jay Basic Wheelchair Cushion

  • Ideal for intermittent wheelchair users
  • Varying size range can accommodate users up to 300 lbs.
  • Mildly contoured foam base provides support and increase sitting tolerance
  • Beveled bottom reduces hammocking effect of upholstery, keeping wheelchair seating surface level for improved pelvic alignment over time
Earn 70 Points ($0.70)

Jay Duo Wheelchair Cushion

  • Contoured aluminum seat pan replaces sling upholstery
  • Soft foam base encourages proper positioning of the pelvis and thighs
  • Provides optimal comfort and skin protection without affecting seat-to-floor height
  • Integrated, contoured solid seat pan with a soft foam and fluid seat wheelchair cushion
Earn 403 Points ($4.00)

Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion

  • Foam base constructed of a closed cell foam
  • Provides lateral and forward stability for clients with changing needs or unique postures
  • Pelvic loading area provides optimal immersion and weight distribution to accommodate a broad range of client needs
  • Available with Jay flow fluid or air insert option that conform to each individual's shape, adjust to sitting positions and provide pressure relief
Earn 428 Points ($4.30)

Jay Easy Wheelchair Cushion

  • Flow fluid insert conforms to each individual's shape
  • Foam base is moderately contoured to encourage proper positioning of the pelvis and thighs
  • Zero maintenance design of fluid insert delivers superior results for the life of the cushion
  • High resiliency foam base accommodates a curved or flat seating surface and Jay flow fluid tripad
Earn 256 Points ($2.60)

Jay Fusion Adjustable Wheelchair Cushion

  • Using common skeletal measurements to estimate pelvic loading area
  • Trochanters and posterior pelvis supported by femoral transition and rear wall
  • Combines the J2's skin protection capabilities with the J3's maximum stability
  • Can be ordered with jay flow fluid, cryofluid or jay air inserts to conform to individuals' shape
Earn 305 Points ($3.10)

Jay Go Wheelchair Cushion

  • Mild contouring provides additional support
  • Dual layer features a firm bottom layer to provide stable base
  • Soft, mildly contoured cushion is ideal for clients at low risk of skin breakdown
  • Four-way stretch lycra cover is water-resistant and is standard with go foam cushion
Earn 135 Points ($1.40)

Jay Ion Wheelchair Cushion

  • Visco memory foam top layer distributes weight over a larger area
  • Dual-layered foam base is for a combination of structural support and comfort
  • Dual cover system on ion foam cushion is ideal for convenience and protection
  • Comfortable skin protection and positioning wheelchair cushion is composed of a multi-layer foam base
Earn 270 Points ($2.70)
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