Lumbar Puncture Kits and Trays

IV Lumbar Puncture Kits and Trays are pieces of specialized medical equipment used for lumbar punctures, often known as spinal taps. These kits and trays provide the instruments and supplies needed to collect cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from the lumbar area of the spine in a safe and effective manner. Needles, syringes, tubes, and containers, tapes and bandages; gloves and sterile drapes; and local anesthetics are all included in some kits. These kits and trays are critical for identifying a wide range of medical conditions, including infections, neurological disorders, and certain types of cancer. Medicaleshop offers a wide range of lumbar puncture kits from top brands, including Becton Dickinson, Smiths Medical, and many more.

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Portex Lumbar Puncture Tray

    The Point-Lok device is an ideal needle safety solution for the needles found in epidural, spinal and other procedural trays

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