Portable Ceiling Lifts

Portable ceiling lifts are an excellent solution for caregivers, as they reduce the likelihood of transfer-related injuries to both patient and caregiver and offer extra assistance during a person's transfer to or from an interior location, such as a bed or the restroom A ceiling lift can provide you with a feeling of security and comfort, whether you work in the medical field or are responsible for managing the care of a loved one. By taking charge of their own transfer, an individual can safely use the shower, go to the restroom, or move to another room without a caregiver's assistance. These portable ceiling lift systems are a perfect choice for both residential and commercial use. Shop for portable ceiling lifts from high-end brands at a special price only at MedicaleShop.

8 Products

Savaria PL Portable Ceiling Lift

Price : $2,904.00
List Price : $5,509.24
Earn 2904 Points

Savaria Portable ceiling lift with freestanding complete kit

Price : $5,185.00
List Price : $10,373.93
Earn 5185 Points

Prism Medical P-440 Portable Ceiling Lift

Price : $2,364.99
List Price : $5,520.64
Earn 2365 Points

Prism Medical P-600 Bariatric Portable Ceiling Lift

Price : $3,750.00
List Price : $7,223.41
Earn 3750 Points

Handicare AP300/AP450 Portable Ceiling Lift

Price : $1,969.99
List Price : $4,616.00
Earn 1970 Points

Savaria Semi-permanent track

Price : $2,607.00
List Price : $4,326.28
Earn 2607 Points

Molift Nomad ceiling lift

Price : $2,790.00
List Price : $3,321.00
Earn 2790 Points

Prism Medical Independent Lifter

Price : $1,320.70
List Price : $2,201.17
Earn 1321 Points