Portable Ceiling Lifts

Ceiling lifts or ceiling hoists are specifically designed to help individuals with limited mobility, such as those with disabilities, injuries, or the elderly, transfer from one location to another. These lifts typically consist of a motorized unit that is suspended from the ceiling using a ceiling track system, which allows the lift to move smoothly and efficiently with minimal effort from the caregiver. With options like portable ceiling lifts , bariatric ceiling lifts , ceiling hoist tracks , and independent lifters from brands like Savaria, Prism Medical, Molift, and Handicare, Medicaleshop offers a highly effective and versatile solution for individuals with mobility limitations. These portable ceiling lift systems are a perfect choice for both residential and commercial use. Shop for portable ceiling lifts from high-end brands at a special price only at MedicaleShop.

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Savaria PL Portable Ceiling Lift

  • An ideal set up for patient transfer from bed to wheelchair
  • High quality lithium ion battery delivers 50% more cycles per charge
  • Lightweight Portable lift only weighs 11 lbs. moved from room to room
  • Can be used with Savaria’s Ganrty for a semi-permanent overhead lift
Earn 2903 Points ($29.00)

Savaria Portable ceiling lift with freestanding complete kit

  • Track is unobtrusive and space saving, has thinnest base size
  • Durable and strong - safely lifts persons weighing up to 440 lbs.
  • Unique spreader bar includes industry leading Secure Sling Mechanism designed
  • Complete kit includes - Trolley, Portable ceiling lift and Free standing support system
Earn 5195 Points ($52.00)

Prism Medical P-440 Portable Ceiling Lift

Charge the P-440 using a standard plug and socket through the port on the front. P-440 is easily removed from one track and installed on another, so the single lift unit can be shared in ceiling track systems in multiple rooms or in freestanding track systems.
Earn 2365 Points ($23.70)

Prism Medical P-600 Bariatric Portable Ceiling Lift

The LCD display on the P-600 provides real-time feedback as well as battery life and lift counts for maintenance purposes.
Earn 3750 Points ($37.50)

Handicare AP300/AP450 Portable Ceiling Lift

  • Reduce injuries for users and caregivers
  • Available in two weight capacities of 300 and 450 lbs.
  • Both models include a full color digital hand control with display
  • Equipped with industry leading heavy duty smart batteries, provides up to 175% more lift cycles
Earn 1970 Points ($19.70)

Savaria Semi-permanent track

Earn 2675 Points ($26.80)

Molift Nomad ceiling lift

Molift Nomad ceiling lift features an automatic service notification system.
Earn 2966 Points ($29.70)

Prism Medical Independent Lifter

Prism Independent Lifter is a device that allows patients with moderate to strong upper body functions to regulate their transfers without the use of a sling.
Earn 1341 Points ($13.40)

Mackworth CP440P Portable Ceiling Lift with Freestanding Gantry Complete Kit

The compact design of the Mackworth CP440 Portable Ceiling Lift allows for easy transportability, while built-in load limits, slack tape sensor, emergency lowering, and positive locking latches ensure patient safety while using the lift.

Earn 5152 Points ($51.50)
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