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Bodypoint® Quick-Release lever

    Earn 16 Points ($0.20)

    Bodypoint® Joystick mounting adapters

      Earn 47 Points ($0.50)

      Bodypoint® Midline joystick arm

        Earn 51 Points ($0.50)

        Bodypoint® Wheelchair Mobility Bag

          Earn 42 Points ($0.40)

          Bodypoint® trimline shoulder harness

            Earn 65 Points ($0.70)

            Bodypoint® Stayflex™ chest support

              Bodypoint® Stayflex™ shoulder harness is available with or without zipper in standard and narrow style to meet individual user needs.

              Earn 92 Points ($0.90)

              Bodypoint® Shoulder harness strap guides

                Earn 24 Points ($0.20)

                Bodypoint® Midline joystick mounting kit

                  Earn 369 Points ($3.70)

                  Bodypoint® grooved mushroom joystick handle

                    Bodypoint® grooved mushroom joystick handle features textured, rounded top, giving users with limited hand function or smooth palms a better grip and more control.
                    Earn 50 Points ($0.50)

                    Bodypoint® Synergel Sub-ASIS pads

                      Earn 48 Points ($0.50)

                      Bodypoint® Universal Elastic Support Strap

                        Bodypoint® universal elastic strap can be used on the chest, abdomen, lap or legs and has an easy-grasp end tab with the thumbhole for users with limited hand function, its a verstaile support that is more comfortable than traditional binders or corsets.

                        Earn 53 Points ($0.50)

                        Bodypoint® rubber dome joystick handle

                          Earn 50 Points ($0.50)
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