What is Varilite Technology?

Varilite masters an ultra-light Air-Foam Flotation technology in both seating system and back support combining the best of foam and air technology to provide excellent pressure distribution, comfort and stability.

Varilite Features:

Air Technology:
  • Air technology in these cushions acts like a fluid and displaces under load.
  • It provides pressure relief.

Firm Foam:
  • Three types of foam are created for functional areas -
    1. soft foam for the decubitus-sensitive area.
    2. medium foam for the thigh trough, pelvic bucketing and pre-ischial bar.
    3. firm foam for the perimeter and the medial thigh separator.
  • Bonding multi-stiffness foam to coated fabric makes the cushion hold air.
  • Provides ultimate support and balance.
  • It acts like a spring and compresses under load.

Varilite Technology works due to:

  • Optimal pressure distribution is achieved over the largest possible area.
  • Each cell of the open-cell foam provides support and distributes the pressure.
  • Increased immersion provides increased load distribution and greater stability.
  • The valve releases air to immerse the user in the foam.

The combination of soft foam which is under the pelvis i.e. green in color and firmer foam which is blue in color under the thighs creates continually adjusting forces (orange arrows) that evens out the interface pressures. Varilite technology utilizes features of both foam and air to come up with a vigorous supportive cushions.

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