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Kaye Suspension walking system

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Kaye Suspension walking system is designed to support clients in either partial body weight bearing or a fully weighted position. A manual winch is provided to assist the therapist in lifting the client from sitting or lowering from a standing position and also to adjust the amount of weight bearing on the feet. Partial weight-bearing makes the reciprocal movements for stepping easier to execute while full body weight-bearing is used for clients with balance impairments, postural control or fear of falling.

Both models are width adjustable to span many treadmills while being able to retract to fit through most doorways. The light frame makes it possible for clients to use the Kaye Suspension Walker both for treadmill training and over ground practice. Suspension walking system comes with four swivel casters, two with directional locks to facilitate the use over ground and two stationary locks to stabilize the system when being used over a treadmill. Since all casters roll freely, the client can practice forward and backward stepping as well as side stepping while in the unit.

Uses of Suspension walker:
  • If client is lifted from a chair or bench: It is easier to have the open end behind the user. This is also the position of choice if the therapist is using manual assistance to facilitate walking
  • If walker is being used for standing: Place the client to face the open end to access the environment for play or interactions
  • Standing in the walker permits the user to develop balance on the feet without the need for holding a support with the hands
  • The largest size, model SW7, is width adjustable
  • Available in two sizes, fitting toddlers through adults
  • All models fold, to facilitate storage and transportation
  • Includes stationary brakes, to facilitate use over a treadmill
  • Four harness sizes are available to fit infants through adults
  • The smallest size, model SW1, is width and height adjustable
  • Includes swivel casters with directional locks, to facilitate use as a walker over open, level ground
Note: Do not use the Kaye Suspension walker without consulting your physician or physical therapist.
Kaye Suspension walking system
ModelSmall (SW1)Large (SW7)
User weight limit120 lbs.250 lbs.
User maximum height56"75"
Maximal treadmill width25½"28"
Frame width24" - 32"31 - 33"
Frame length42"50"
Frame height55" - 66"79"
Frame weight25 lbs.47 lbs.
Product weight37 lbs.64 lbs.
Kaye suspensionharness for suspension walkers
ModelPelvic CircumferenceProduct weightWeight Limit of User
Small16" - 25"4 lbs.60 lbs.
Medium Slim18" - 28"4 lbs.60 lbs.
Medium24" - 35"6 lbs.200 lbs.
Large34" - 45"6 lbs.200 lbs.
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